Recursos PhD

¿Qué es un Doctorado? ¿Debería estudiar un PhD?

Daniel Sokol – Should you do a PhD? 

Ceyhun Elgin & Mario Solis-Garcia – So, you want to go to a grad school in economics?

AEA’s Preparing for graduate school

AEA’s Considerations for prospective graduate students in economics

Miles Kimbal – The complete guide to getting into an economics PhD program

Susan Athey – Professional advice for applying to grad school in economics

Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers

Scarlet Chen – My Journey into Econ PhD

Claudia Sahm – Economics is a disgrace

Aplicación al PhD

Recommended Mathematical Training to Prepare for Graduate School in Economics

Alvin Christian – Applying to Economics PhD Programs Memo

Cornell – Academic Statement of Purpose

The complete guide to getting into an economics PhD program

Examples of Economics Personal Statements

Tips for a Successful PhD Application

Aplicación al PhD desde LATAM

EconThaki – Aplicación al Doctorado desde Perú

Aplicar desde México

Aplicar desde Argentina

Durante el PhD

Matthew Pearson – How to survive your first year of graduate school in economics

Cornell – Advice for First-Year Ph.D. Students in Economics at Cornell (consejos en general)

¿Cómo crear un Perfil en Google Scholar?

An unofficial guidebook for PhD students in economics and education

A collection of free resources to help PhD students during the coronavirus crisis

10 Q&A: Experienced Advice for “Lost” Graduate Students in Economics

30 Online Resources for Ph.D. Students in 2021

Chris Blattman – How to Get a PhD and Save the World

Resources for Economics PhD Students (aka “How to do research and write about it?”)

Claes Backman – Resources for PhD Students

Advice for PhD Students in Economics

7 Resources to Help PhD Students Succeed on Their Doctoral Journey

5 great websites every graduate student should bookmark

Resources and advice for PhD Students

Career resources for PhD students

8 Top tips and pieces of advice for new PhD Students

Important App You Need For Your PhD

The Thesis Whisperer

Frank Schilbach – 5 steps toward a paper

Matthew J. Lebo – Managing Your Research Pipeline

Ricardo Dahis – Advice for Academic Research

Steve Pischke – How to get started on research in economics?

Alex Tamkin – Sobre elección de advisors

David Levine – Writing a Dissertation

Don Davis – Ph.D. Thesis Research: Where do I Start?

The WinE Mentoring Retreat (organized by the European Economic Association)

3rd and 4th Year Ph.D. Women’s Workshop

Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

Recruitment Bias in Research Institutes

CEPR Women in Economics Initiative

The Verein für Socialpolitik (provides a literature overview of recent evidence on women in academia)

Women in Economics: Career in Academia in the EU and in the US

Women in Econ Policy

WEconPol – Organisations Database

Women in Economics highlights – Marginal Revolution University

Recursos para Enseñar (como instructor o ayudante)

10 Great Resources to Help Teach Economics

The Core – Economics

The Core Economics – Resources

Preparación para el “Econ Job Market”

Anne M. Burton and Barton Willage – Economics Conferences (by year)

John Cawley – A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market 2018-2019 edition

Jessie Romero – Scrambling for Economists: The Ph.D. Job Search

Economics Job Market Advice

Sarah Jacobson – Thread of advice on econ job market CV’s

Kevin Wilson – So you want to build an academic website?

Jason Lusk – Looking for a Faculty Position? Agricultural Economics vs Economics

Recursos para Postdocs

Wei Yang Tham – Guide to Postdocs in Econ/Management

Cursos de Preparación en Matemáticas

Yale PhD Math Camp

Real Analysis by Prof. S.H. Kulkarni

UC Berkeley PhD Math Camp

Real Analysis – Mathonline

Columbia MA Math Camp

Arizona Math Camp