Recursos Investigación

Recursos para mejorar la calidad de la investigación

Scott Cunningham – Causal Inference: The Mixtape

Williams’ Resources (Varias herramientas para realizar investigación)

Amy Finkelstein – An unofficial guide to trying to do empirical work.

Replication WIKI (website con papers con ejemplos de R&R)

Notas de Phil Haile: Theory and Measurement, A Perspective on Empirical Economics

JPAL Research Resources

Steve Pischke – How to get started on research in economics?

Econometrics Academy

Matthew Gentzkow y Jesse Shapiro – Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner’s Guide

World Bank DIME Wiki (bases de datos del Banco Mundial)

Avinash Dixit – My System of Work (not!)

Economics: Country Statistics and Data

World Bank Development Blog: A Curated List on Technical Topics

World Bank Development Blog: Survey Methods

Sebastian Tello-Trillo – Primer: Where to find data

Mejorar las habilidades de presentación (Seminarios y Conferencias)

Jesse Shapiro – How to Give an Applied Micro Talk

Deanna Grant-Smith, Abby Cathcart & Penny Williams – Enhancing management students’ professional presentation skills through self & peer assessment

Donald Davis – What Makes for a Successful Paper and Seminar?

Monika Piazzesi – Tips on how to avoid disaster in presentations

Adam Guren – How to Give a Lunch Talk

Jonathan Schwabish – An Economist’s Guide to Visualizing Data

Rachael Meager – Public Speaking for Academic Economists

Herramientas para Escritura de Documentos Científicos (Writing Skills)

Economics: Writing and Research Assistance

Eric Rasmusen – Aphorisms on Writing, Speaking, and Listening 

Toni Kenndy – Academic Research & Writing Skills Part 1 & 2

Plamen Nikolov – Writing Tips For Economics Research Papers

Manchester 1824 – Varios recursos de escritura de documentos científicos

Steven Pinker – Why Academics Stink at Writing

Paul Dudenhefer – A guide to writing in Economics

Robert Neugeboren with Mireille Jacobson – Writing Economics

Michael Kremer – Writing Papers: A Checklist

UW-Madison Writing Center – Academic and Professional Writing

Effective Writing and Referencing

Keith Head – The Introduction Formula

Marc Bellemare – The Conclusion Formula

Dawn Powers – How to Write a Research Paper in Economics (pptx)

Marc Bellemare – Between the Introduction and the Conclusion: The “Middle Bits” Formula for Applied Papers

Matin Qaim – Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers in Agricultural Economics

Phile Haile – Language, Confusion, and Models in Empirical Economics

Claudia Goldin y Lawrence Katz – The Ten Most Important Rules of Writing Your Job Market Paper